Missy TZ Nacoma
CH Proctor's Hi-Ho Cheerio,CD, CGC  x  AM/CAN CH Fiacre's Hot Toddy (L)
Nikki was that 'once in a lifetime' dog for me; what many of us call our "soul-dog".  She was my
very first Dalmatian and blessed my life for almost 13 years.  She was incredibly sweet and smart,
never meeting anyone or anything she didn't love.  She was one of those dogs that people couldn't
help falling in love with, especially when she flashed you her huge 'Dal smile.' Friends and family
who knew her still reminese about her to this day. Nikki may not be the foundation of Trinity
Dalmatians, but she is
my foundation in Dalmatians, and is terribly missed every day.
My son 1 1/2 yo  with Nikki 7 1/2 yo
Dalmatians & Tibetan Spaniels