Dalmatians & Tibetan Spaniels

As a very young girl, I can recall so vividly setting one of my life's goals....owning
a Dalmatian of my very own someday! In the summer of 1987, my grandmother
took me to look at a litter bred by Ken and Eva Berg (Proctor Dalmatians) and
Carol Chase-Healy (Fiacre Dalmatians), two of the most renowned and well
respected Dal breeders around. I left the Berg's that day with a lovely little girl I
named "Nikki." She was that 'once in a lifetime' dog to me and thus started my
life in purebred dogs and showing.

Nestled in the Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon, I established my
"kennel name" as Trinity to identify the dogs in my breeding program. I am not a
kennel, our dogs are house dogs and companions first and foremost. We will
occasionally breed a well planned litter, but our goal here is quality not quantity.
Breeding for sound temperaments and health are top priorities. Another top
priority is breeding for correct breed type. I take great pride in the
accomplishments my dogs, and the dogs we've bred, have earned in the show
ring as justification to our efforts to better the breed.

In August of 2006, my daughter decided she would like to start showing dogs as
well so we began our search for the perfect "small" breed dog for her. We were
introduced to the Tibetan Spaniel at a dog show and fell in love. With the help of
Greg and Liana Craven (Tamzil Tibetan Spaniels), also very well known and well
respected breeders, we established our foundation in the Tibetan Spaniel breed.

What a joy this breed has been to own, and a great addition to our family. This
was a huge step for me after having only Dals in my home for over 20 years!
Though I'll always have a heart for Dals, we now only have the Tibbies.  

If you think a Tibetan Spaniel is the right breed for you, please take the time to
do some research and visit our National Breed Club's Websites listed below.

              TSCA "Tibetan Spaniel Club of America" at